Sunrise: An ideal time to lose weight

If you wish to get thinner without wasting a lot of energy, you should do it at sunrise because the sun at this time can help you lose weight. You might find this doubtful, but nothing is further from the truth !

According to a study from Feinberg Medical School of the University of Northwestern, the sunshine at dawn can actually help you lose weight very effectively.

The researchers asked 54 participants – aged 30 on average – to wear a screen monitoring their exposure to morning sunshine in 7 days straight. They also kept a record of the food that had been consumed. In the end, the participants who had come into contact with morning sunshine possessed lower BMIs than those who had not.

Why did those who exposed themselves to the early sun weigh less ? There are two reasons:

First: people who get up early to embrace the early sunshine at dawn have better biological clocks, good and stable sleep patterns resulting in more effective metabolism, thus helping with the process of losing weight.

Second: the sunshine in the morning is more intense than that in the afternoon and evening; therefore, exercising in the morning is what you should frequently do.

Blue light included in the morning sun rays is beneficial to a person’s biorhythm. You only need between 20 and 30 minutes exercising under the morning sun to effectively lose weight without worrying about going on a diet.

Or, if you cannot get up and go out to exercise, drinking a cup of tea or coffee under the morning sun also brings you considerable benefits.


Why should we eat avocados ? Reasons why you should eat avocados

Avocados are rich with vitamins and nutrients. More importantly, it is super delicious. Avocados may have endless benefits for your health. You can use many different ways to process avocados in order to enjoy them. You can either make milkshakes by combining avocados with other types of fruits, or combine it with other types of dry food, such as peanuts or vegetables.

Wileverts has listed some benefits of avocados below and these are also the important reasons that you should add avocados to your daily diet.

Good reasons for eating avocados:

1. Eating avocados reduces the risks of getting cardiovascular and stroke

Avocados contain Folate, which is an essential nutrient for a healthy fetus, and it also plays an important role in preventing cardiovascular and stroke. A cup of avocado contains a decent amount of Folate (about 23%), which is very good for enhancing the whole body’s performance

2. Avocados are good for your eyes

Lutein is a nutrient which is incredibly important for your eyes’ health, and there is plenty of it in avocados. Lutein may help preventing and reducing the risks of getting eye diseases such as AMD – Age-related Macular Degeneration, or cataracts. Moreover, Lutein also has some great effects in precluding cardiovascular. Therefore, you should include avocados in your daily menu if possible.

3. It helps improving the absorption of essential nutrients

One of the wonderful reasons for adding avocados into your meal is because avocados help improving the absorption of some indispensable nutrients in various types of food. For example, carotenoids from vegetables and fruits can be absorbed and transferred much more effectively when you consume it with avocados. Eating avocados can enhance the nutrients absorption up to 5 times.

4. Avocados help harmonizing your pulse

Avocados are rich with kali, which is a very useful mineral for harmonizing your pulse. This mineral can help you avoid hypertension and heart diseases. I believe this is quite an important reason for you to add avocados to your meal, right?

5. Avocados are good for you hair

If your hair is easy to get dry or disheveled, avocados will definitely help your fix those problems. There are many B vitamin, copper, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, and healthy fatty acids. Those are all the nutrients that can help you attain a much silkier and stronger hair. So, after reading this section, you can clearly see the benefits of consuming avocados to your hair, right? Therefore, why don’t we start using products that contain avocados right away so that we could get all the benefits that this amazing fruit provides us ?

6. Avocados help your scars heal quicker and it is very good for you skin

Avocados’ benefits do not stop with which were mentioned above, the vitamin E consisted in avocados is very helpful in healing you wounds and lessen the risks of leaving scars. Vitamin E can also help preventing artery obstruction. Vitamin E also helps reviving your skin which will make it softer, smoother and whiter

You can either eat avocados so as to make your skin look more beautiful, or place them on your face as an avocado face-mask to moisturize your skin – I have personally tried this out, excellent !

7. Avocados can lower the cholesterol level in your blood:

Avocados contain lots of oleic acid, which is a very healthy unsaturated fatty acid. This fatty acid helps lowering the cholesterol level along with making you feel full. Therefore, you should eat avocados and more importantly, consume them frequently in order to make sure that you can control your cholesterol level. Hence, attaining a healthier body

8. Avocado is a wonderful food for women who are breastfeeding or suffering from morning sickness

Avocados contain a huge amount of vitamin B, which can reduce the nauseous feeling in pregnant women. Moreover, vitamin B6 also helps enhancing the mother and her baby’s immune system, producing RBC and promoting the metabolism during pregnancy.

Avocados are also rich with nutrients and are safe for women during breastfeeding period.

9. Avocados are delicious

Although a small number of people who cannot stand the taste of avocados, most people love the deliciousness of this fruit and so does Wileverts ! I love avocados and usually combine it with other fruits and vegetables to make milkshakes. Avocados are also prepared in salad and some of my other dishes.

You can see that avocados’ main nutrients are vitamins and minerals. They also have an appropriate amount of fatty acids. Moreover, it is one of the most nutritious foods that contain a large amount of vitamin B, which will definitely provide you with enough energy for a whole day. Aren’t the benefits of avocados amazing ?