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  1. See How Easily Moms Could Be Warm and Massage For Children in The Winter

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    There are many mothers do not know to keep warm properly for newborn babies in winter. Therefore, they are easily vulnerable to diseases as nasal congestion, coughing…. Keeping them warm in winter is very important to protect their health, especially at night. Here are a few tips for moms to keep winter warm and show their passions to kids.

    Newborn Babies should be kept warm. That is why parents often wrap them in a blanket while returning home from the hospital.

    Because the baby cannot adjust body temperature like adults, so heating is very important. Besides that, the older babies also need to keep warm during months of winter.

    According to medical specialists, parents can dress the child in a similar way to adults but adding thin cotton clothes inside, helping absorb sweat well. If you are wearing long-sleeved shirts and jeans in a sunny day, your baby will also feel comfortable with similar outfits, but with one more thin layer inside. Otherwise, if you need extra sweater jacket, so do babies.

    Always keeping the temperature at a medium level, which makes your kids feel comfortable to play around the house.

    Avoid the places where can have the gust of wind. Do not let your child be near an open window, central door with heavy wind. If you feel cool under an opening ceiling fan, it does not mean that your child feels the same, they can get cold if you put them directly under a “cool” fan.

    Put clothes on their kids with some layers to take off when it is unnecessary. Wear a hat to keep children’s head warm in cold weather. Do not let their head wet when wearing a hat.

    Nonetheless, do not overwrap your babies. They need to keep warm but not too hot. You should put kid’s clothes off when the temperature is higher.

    Dress coat for the baby before your family hanging out in winter.

    When you and baby are strolling, visiting relatives or simply shopping, you should pay attention:

    – Wear a suitable cloth for your kid along with outdoor temperature.

    – If it is cold, remember to wear socks, use gloves and cap for children.

    – If the weather is warm, do not wear a too thick coat for baby.

    – For long journeys on cold days, you should consider the transportation, departure time, weather conditions … before leaving.

    – For the trip on the warm sunny days, you should cover your child in order them not to be radiated by direct sunlight. You can use a thin blanket or piece of shading or curtains on the bus.

    Some tips from a mom who has a newborn baby (her child’s nickname is “Candy”)

    Although she is quite busy with her work since getting pregnant, Ms. Nguyen Hai Ha (Ha Noi) usually went to the Internet to search for articles, magazines about how to care for a newborn baby in her leisure time.

    Her kid, nicknamed “Candy”, is just only five-month-old, and she has spent a lot of time to take care. She knows if the weather is cold, children are very susceptible to colds, nasal congestion, sneezing and even pneumonia if the parents do not mind seriously and keep baby warm.

    Heating at medium level in your house

    She said, in fact, children were born with layers of fat to keep the temperature around the acceptable level. Accordingly, when it is cold, she just needs to warm enough for Candy. Wearing too many clothes may have children’s temperature high, sweat too much and easily leads to pneumonia.

    In addition to wearing warm clothes, she regularly checks Candy’s body temperature, avoid from overheating, sweating and then absorbing back into her body.

    Furthermore, she said that wearing clothes too tight could cause your child uncomfortable and difficult in movement. Sometimes, the baby becomes irritated and crying because her mother dresses her in tight clothes.

    Keep baby warm the indoors and the outdoors are not the same. Outside temperature is always lower than the temperature in the room, not mentioned the wind, drizzle and this makes baby cold easily.

    Nevertheless, her opinion is not always keeping the baby in the house when the weather turned cold since lacking of fresh outdoor air would weaken children’s immune system. From that point, it can make baby vulnerable to sickness. Consequently, sometimes you have to take her along to go outside and enjoy the fresh air as much as possible.

    Especially when she is outside with Candy, she keeps the entire Candy’s body warm, wears warm clothes, shoes, socks, scarf, hat, gloves… Also, when Candy is home from outside, then she often removes some layers of Candy’s clothes because the temperature is quite higher than the outside.

    To keep warm for the cold weather, many parents do not bath the children a few days, but she said it was not a good way since with a child, the daily bath is essential. Otherwise, kids’ pores will be clogged, causing inflammation, itching. Bathing daily with warm water along with body temperature helps the baby comfortable, refreshing and healthy.

    Before Candy sleeping, she and her husband often foot massage for the kid, while the legs are warmed up by the massage movements of the parents, the baby will sleep easily.

    Like many other children, Candy was often kicking blanket while sleeping. However, she does not wear many thick clothes for the baby because it will be too hot and interrupt her sleep. Her experience is wearing two layers of thin clothes for baby and regularly check up the blanket.

    She often scarfs for Candy due to the neck susceptible to cold: “I think you should choose thin and soft towels, then it will make comfortable sleep for your adorable little angels”, said she.

    Apart wearing, warming for kids, she also plans up a menu can help Candy warm, prevent colds, sickness with fresh ingredients daily.

    Keeping warmth with fresh food

    Nutrition is very important with kids regardless of any time. In the winter, children’s body needs much more nutrition and vitamin. She usually chooses kinds of fruit containing large vitamin C content as apples, oranges, mandarins, pomelos; they will enhance kid’s immune system and keep her healthy.

    Also in the child’s snack, Candy’s mom always choose green vegetables like broccoli, chip along with white meat like chicken and fish because these types of meat may contain substances that improve the immune system and active stimulants to impede harmful viruses for the baby.

    While processing snack for children, she always adds for seasonings ( ginger, garlic, onions,… ) for the baby as they have the effect of increasing resistance to her body against sneezing, running nose…

    Also, many parents only pay attention to drinking water in summer, but they forget that in the winter, babies also need to drink enough water. She shares that she regularly has Candy drink enough water will make her body more comfortable and healthier.

    How to keep baby warm while sleeping at night

    Here are a few suggestions to help parents give the baby to sleep without being hot or cold during the winter days.

    First, you need to choose safety, comfort nightwear for children and help them maintain the best temperature. Baby sleepwear should not be thick. You should choose a dress with soft natural fiber, which helps the skin to “breathe”. Avoid nightwear with ribbons, lanyards, or other excessive decorative details as it can wrap his or her neck.

    Second, you should not be over warm for the baby. This may increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in babies. Keep warm enough, especially in the regions susceptible to cold as the feet, hands, and chest.

    Third, kind of sleeping bags designed specifically for hot and cold weather is also good for your baby’s sleep.

    One pair of socks is a good way to warm kid’s toes in cold weather. Do not apply too many thick blankets for the baby because he/she will increase the temperature in the head region, leading to a greater likelihood of SIDS.

    For babies, head is an area where produces about 40% of the body heat, but at the same time, it emits up to 85% of the body temperature. Therefore, wearing a hat and using bandages fontanels are necessary for newborn (especially premature babies). Nonetheless, a healthy baby or a few months old kids, wearing a hat when sleeping is not obligatory; on the contrary, it will make brain temperature rise, affecting the operation of the nervous control of respiration.

    With the warm days, she can sleep without a blanket or wear fewer clothes. You need to put your baby to sleep in a place where to avoid air conditioners and direct wind from windows.

    Guide for mother how to massage baby to keep warm in cold days

    Winter brings cold air to every house, besides preparing to clothe, providing nutrition, the mothers should also prepare for the warm massage.

    Notes on massaging for newborn baby

    Massage instruments: linen cotton, clean towels, clean clothes, a gentle massage oil.

    Room space: warm, closed (can turn conditioner or heater while massaging), and turn on a melodious music for both mother and baby to enjoy.

    Mom needs to check the nails, remove rings, bracelets (objects capable of scratching the babies skin), rub hands together to get warm before touching your baby’s sensitive skin.

    Mothers should consult kids before proceeding a massage (look at their attitudes; if baby stressful, you should stop and wait for a more suitable different time). Do not use massage oil to the vulnerable skin of children.

    Massaging procedures for infant


    Facial massage brings excitement, relaxed; you will feel the warmth and sentiment of the mother and increases the bond between mother and child in the early years of the baby.

    Put your fingers on the forehead and massage lightly into the temples, then swipe from the eyebrows to both side. Move hands down the sides of the baby’s face like you are opening a book. Repeat this five times. Using 10 fingers patted the baby face, repeatedly.


    First, make sure to take baby hands gently to prepare a massage for your baby. This method will help her relax and strengthen the muscles, relax the arms and enhance skeleton system.

    The left-hand holds the baby’s wrist; right-hand claws up and down along the arm. Do the same with the other hand. Gently open kid’s hand out. Afterward, use your thumb to rub in a circle on each finger. Take her hand slightly and then pull out. Repeat this movement 10 times.


    Put your child’s feet in the palm of the hands and gently roll over his/her leg on your hands. Most children are very fond of this action. The rolling helps feet warm up quickly. One hand takes the feet, the other hand press gently on the soles of the feet. Do again with the other leg.


    Let the kid supine, mother’s hand places on the chest from both side. After that, pat mother fingers up to baby’s chest. This action would make the baby laughing. Repeat this several times. Then also put a hand on the chest and stroke the fingers into two sides of the chest. This will help infant warm up, good for lung and heart.


    Many mothers test this action and conclude: “The baby really reduces constipation symptoms!”. Rub mom’s fingers in a circle on the baby’s abdomen under clockwise. Repeat this action several times.


    This action helps baby’s spine becomes more rugged. Put the kid lying on his stomach, take both hands on the baby’s back, rub periodically up and down in opposite directions. Massage the baby from back to rump, then slowly rub upward to shoulder down once again.

  2. How To Use And Preserve Your Wristwatch

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    Taking good care of a precious and valuable item will help you save a lot of money. We give our car, our house through maintenance, keep them clean, clear, and complete so that they could operate well and look attractive. Therefore, it is no surprise if wristwatches should also be maintained properly, cleaned and put them under check regularly. If you think that you only need to wear them carefully enough, and put them somewhere safe then everything should be okay, then you are wrong ! If you have a cheap watch, or you may have a certain amount of income, you can toss it up and down without worries. You can immediately replace the broken watch with a new one without a problem. However, as a watch lover, you care for them as they are valuable assets, or your watch is very expensive then you should consider finishing the article that Wileverts has presented below!

    For Battery Driven Watch (Quartz Watch)

    While not using your watch daily, you should avoid placing your watches near items with strong magnetic field, such as: Television, Refrigerator, Speakers, Computer or Laptop, Cellphone, Induction cooker (while turning on) or others wave receiving and transferring machine, because watches’ batteries will drain faster if they are exposed to such types of environment with high magnetic field. Moreover, watches’ Internal circuits (IC) will be magnetized which will cause them to malfunction. You should keep in mind that the batteries must be replaced right after it is used up. Although modern batteries are very well-built, keeping long used-up batteries in your watch can make them rust and hence damage other parts in your watch.

    Mechanical Wrist Watches In General (Mechanic, Automatic, Tourbillon)

    For watches with Automatic movements or Hand-winding movements, you should avoid adjusting the time, calendar or the winding between 21 to 3 o’clock of every day, because if you perform those actions during that period, you will damage the watch’s wheel system. Moreover, you should not adjust the time anti-clockwise, which means you should not turn crown anti-clockwise (apart from some special brands which allow you to set the top up or down to switch to different time and time zone), this can damage the gears and windings severely. A watch’s mechanism is as same as one from a car, it also needs regular maintenance so that its parts and delicate details cooperate at their fullest, hence helps it perform precisely and increase its lifetime. Periodically, take you watch back to its official agency every two years to have a professional technician maintain and oil it.

    Wrist Watches Using Solar Power (Eco-Drive)

    For watches with rechargeable solar-powered batteries, if you don’t use them anymore and put them away in a cupboard or closet, away from the sunlight for 3 to 6 months, the watch will stop working. If you want the watch to start running again, you must bring them out to the sun for 15 minutes; your watch will re-start after a moment. However, you should casually put them away, since it will age the battery (which means the battery lifetime will decrease). One other thing is that if expose it for a long time under the hot and bright sunlight, it will damage the leather band.

    Stainless-Steel Band Wrist Watch

    For Stainless-steel band wrist watch, during you usage it will be dirtied with sweat and dirt. In those situations, you can use toothpaste or liquid hand soap to clean it. Use a toothbrush to brush gently it then washes carefully with water. Finally, use a soft towel to clean it properly. This will help increase the lifetime of you watch. Do not apply any solvents, cleaners, industrial bleaches, adhesives, paints or industrial sprays on the watch’s surface. Firmly close the Adjust button to prevent water from entering the watch while cleaning.

    Leather Band Wrist Watch

    Nowadays, watches’ bands which are made of leather are beautifully crafted, and with the acre, they can keep their durability in quite a long time (about 12 months). However, because it is of some organic materials, leather band’s lifespan is usually limited due to the effects of the environment, especially moisture – sweat from the owner’s hand. To keep the leather band in right conditions, prevent discoloration and rotting, you should keep them away from places with high-level humidity, do not wear it when you wash your hands, go under the rain or any contact with water. The leather band is complexly constructed, and it can absorb moisture, that’s why you should not let them be in contact with any solvents, cleansers, perfumes, and other types of cosmetics because their chemicals can damage your leather band. When you sight cracking and rotting signs on your leather band, you should change to a new set of a band with similar size right away so as to avoid sudden wrecking of the band and the watch fell to the ground, break or damage parts of the wrist watch.

    Gold Plated Wrist Watch

    You should keep in mind that sweat is the enemy of the plated layer. Even though advanced technology nowadays can give us a more beautiful and more long lasting layer, you sweat still contains a larger amount of salt. This salt will dull the color of gold when it is in touches the surface. Hence, the surface of your watch will not look as glossy as it used to. This is the reason why you have to bring along a small piece of cotton with your watch to clean it whenever you take it off. This is not only an excellent way to keep your wrist watch shiny all the time but also a good approach to protecting your gold plated layer! On the other hand, if you do not have a chance to take such care of your watch, then every 3 or 4 weeks, you should use soft cotton soaked with warm water to clean your watch to wash away the sweat on your gold plated layer.

    Some Other Important Cautions

    1- Do not test the durability and anti-scratching of your watch’s Sapphire glass by using objects that are harder than sapphire such as a glass-cutting knife, diamond… because they will scratch the watch’s glass

    2- Do not wear your watch while taking a hot bath or sitting in a sauna because it will break the gasket inside the watch, which will eventually reduce the water-resistant ability of the watch.

    3- Do not wear your watch while doing heavy works, works that make you hit your watch into many other things, such as mechanic, porterage… because the watch’s coat, glass, and the band will easily be scratched and damaged.

    4- Mechanical watches in general (mechanic, automatic, tourbillon) are ingeniously manufactured, with tiny parts which co-operate with each other. For the watch to work stably for a long time, you should not wear it while participating in sports activities such as swimming, soccer, volleyball, tennis… (apart from special-designed sports watches).